Avoid Dutch import VAT

We help you do business in the EU by advising you and handling your VAT administration. Mediatrix identifies risks and opportunities so that you can do your job in the European Union the right way.

Avoid Dutch import VAT

Create a financially effective business

Save Money

Save money

We help you find your way through the VAT system to reduce or avoid extra tax costs.

Reduce VAT risks

Reduce VAT risks

We advise you on possible risks and opportunities, so there are no unexpected VAT costs. Let us show you the right path for your business.

Let us handle your VAT

Let us handle your VAT

No need to worry, leave it up to us to handle your VAT administration.

For anyone dealing with the Dutch tax system

It doesn’t matter where you come from, as long as you want to do business in the Netherlands. Our clients range from fast-growing startups that are expanding internationally, to renowned industry giants. We are here to support you and show you risks and opportunities by advising you and handling your VAT administration.

Want to do business in the Netherlands?

Let us handle your VAT.

Let us handle your VAT

Get your VAT managed for you

We are here to back you up! Whether you just started or you’re already running a renowned business: Mediatrix takes care of your VAT administration and advises on how to handle your taxes and avoid extra costs.

VAT Fiscal Representation – Import VAT deferment

VAT Fiscal Representation – Import VAT deferment

Improve your cash flow and save on financing costs by avoiding pre-financing of Import VAT with Import VAT deferment. Avoid Import VAT Now

VAT Administration and Compliance

VAT Administration and Compliance

Outsource all the administrative hassle regarding taxes and accounting to us. Outsource your VAT Administration

VAT advice and risk management

VAT Advice and Risk Management

Let us help you save taxes and minimise your tax risks while doing business in the EU. Minimise your VAT Risks

About Dutch VAT

The Netherlands applies a turnover tax on your business, also known as VAT. Dutch VAT is divided into three tariffs: 0%, 6% and 21%. These tariffs are used for different goods and services. To avoid more costs or even fines on your imports, you have to apply them accurately.

0% tariff

The 0% tariff is applied to (foreign) entrepreneurs who do business with other countries from the Netherlands. This mainly considers the supply of goods from the Netherlands to other countries but is also applied to some services.

9% tariff

This tariff is also known as the low tariff. It is applied to many common products and services such as books, food and drinks and agricultural goods and services.

21% tariff

The most commonly used tariff. Also known as the general tariff, or high tariff. If your product does not apply for any exemptions, you must charge 21%.

Mediatrix helps you..

..discern which tariffs apply to you, so you don’t have to pay more than necessary. We take it upon ourselves to advise you through the VAT system and spot risks and opportunities.

Specialised knowledge

Our knowledge of the Dutch VAT system can protect you against extra costs. With specialised knowledge on the subjects of administration and current tax laws in the Netherlands, you can sit back and relax. After all, it is our job to spot opportunities and risks. Our team works with passion and precision to provide you with the best possible solutions for doing business in the Netherlands.

Mediatrix B.V. is a sister company of JAN© Accountants and Business Consultants B.V., a prominent Dutch accounting and tax advisory firm employing 170 people, providing services in administration, audits, taxes, personnel, salaries and law.

Specialised Knowledge

Work smart.
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