VAT Advice and Risk Management

High volume and/or high ticket international trade results in high VAT amounts. Mistakes can be very costly, resulting in VAT recollections with the trading company itself as well as its clients. Bigger VAT costs could lead to financial losses, VAT recollection leads to damaged client relations and ultimately financial losses as well.

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How Mediatrix can help

To avoid these scenarios, it is vital to set up your VAT policies and procedures correctly, minimizing the above-mentioned risks. As a General Fiscal Representative, Mediatrix helps international companies to:

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Make sure individual invoices are VAT legislation proof

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VAT rate in EU

Ensure that the documentation for backing up the 0% VAT rate within EU is in line with the VAT legal standards

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VAT invoicing procedures

Set up VAT invoicing procedures that minimize the risk of errors and hence VAT recollections and fines

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