We are Mediatrix,
your VAT experts

We help companies do business in the EU.

We are Mediatrix, your VAT experts

Let us handle your VAT

We help companies from all over the world that want to do business in the EU to: save (financing costs of) taxes, reduce VAT risks and have their VAT administrative duties handled for them. Want to know more about our services?

Our Clients

Our clients range from fast growing startups that are expanding
internationally, to renowned industry giants in many different
sectors. We have clients from literally all over the world.

We are always happy to help

Mediatrix happy to help
Mediatrix happy to help
Mediatrix happy to help
Mediatrix happy to help

Our philosophy

We stand for passion, proactivity and personal connection.


We are extremely driven to do an awesome job, always staying on top of our field.


We are always on the lookout for an opportunity to add value to our clients, without them asking for it. After all, it’s our job to know where the opportunities in our field are for you. In this context, we embrace the big data revolution that helps us to be proactive and continually add value to our clients.

Personal connection

Even though some of the largest corporations in the world are among our clients, it’s the people behind those businesses that are counting on us. We know that our clients aren’t faceless, anonymous corporations and neither are we. People do business with people and that’s why personal connection and attention is one of our top priorities when doing business with you.

Legal structure and other information

Mediatrix is a 100% subsidiary of JAN© Auditors & Tax Advisers B.V., a prominent Dutch accounting and tax advisory firm employing 175 people, providing its services in the areas of administration, audits, taxes, personnel, salaries and law. JAN© has incorporated Mediatrix B.V. to offer the service of fiscal representation with a general license to so-called non-resident traders.

Steven Bulteel

Steven Bulteel

Tax specialist,
Call: +31 (0)88 220 2322

Camiel Lokkerbol

Camiel Lokkerbol

Call: +31 (0)88 220 2301

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